Bitcoin Is ‘Gold 2.0’ And ‘Binary Bet,’ says Virgin Galactic Chairman

Chamath Palihapitiya. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube/Phocuswright Bitcoin (BTC) may have already created a new “quasi gold standard” for the world, and it is either going to the millions or zero, a prominent California-based venture capitalist believes. Speaking with Anthony Pompliano, Co-founder of digital asset management firm Morgan Creek Digital, on the Pomp Podcast this week,

Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash Holders More Profitable Than Ethereum & Litecoin Holders

Judging from a blockchain analysis tool that works across a range of digital assets, the majority of holders of both bitcoin (BTC) and bitcoin cash (BCH) seem to be still “making money.” Ethereum (ETH) and litecoin (LTC) users are not so lucky. The new set of tools, developed by blockchain analytics firm Into The Block and recently added to the crypto market data provider

Litecoin Under Pressure Again as “Death Cross” Appears in Chart

Source: iStock/Albert_Karimov Litecoin (LTC) is again facing pressure from traders who wonder if the price will be able to pick up the momentum necessary to recover the losses from the major market crash on March 12. As of press time on Wednesday (10:22 UTC), litecoin was down almost 1% over the past 24 hours, trading at USD 38.7 per coin. At the same time, bitcoin (BTC) fell 1.3%, to USD 6,368.

Bitcoin, Ethereum Futures Volumes Decline Along with Decreasing Volatility

Along with decreasing volatility in the spot price of major cryptoassets, trading volumes in both bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) futures contracts have also been on the decline across exchanges since the crypto market crash in mid-March. As would be expected, the futures market was most active during the major sell-offs on March 12 and 13, but has since declined

XRP Lags Behind Market Despite Strong Weekly Gains

XRP, the cryptocurrency affiliated with US-based fintech company Ripple, is among just a handful of digital assets that are trading in the red or are unchanged over the past 24 hours, with the broader crypto market recording strong gains during early Monday trading. Heavy selling Sunday night added pressure on XRP, and contributed to the coin seeing lackluster performance since

Norwegian Block Exchange Plans Expansion Despite Norwegian Air Problems

With more and more airlines around the world grounding their flights due to border closures and travel restrictions, one recently launched airline-related crypto exchange may be about to feel more direct consequences as well. Closely affiliated with the low-cost air carrier Norwegian Air Shuttle, Norwegian Block Exchange (NBX) is a new crypto exchange that opened up for the

Japanese Investors Taking Advantage Of Bitcoin Sell-Off – Exchange

Despite what some may have thought, it appears that the latest sell-off in bitcoin has not scared away retail investors quite yet, new data from one Japanese crypto exchange suggests. According to a blog post by Yuya Hasegawa, market analyst at the Japanese crypto exchange bitbank, the number of new account registrations on their platform rose by about 40% compared to the 2020

Cardano Price Fails to Respond as New Scaling Solution Reintroduced

Source: Adobe/Skórzewiak The price of cardano (ADA) remained largely unchanged along with the broader crypto market on Thursday morning (UTC time), despite the unveiling of a new scaling solution that is to be implemented on the Cardano blockchain. Earlier today (10:30 UTC), ADA traded up by a mere 0.34% over the past 24 hours to a price of USD 0.299, before correcting to USD 0.292. ADA price

Monero, Zcash, Dash Outperform Bitcoin Year-to-Date

As privacy becomes a new battlefield in the fight against the coronavirus, and new centralized digital fiat initiatives are starting to appear, how have the most popular privacy coins performed after the March 12-13 market crash? Among the privacy coins that have seen optimistic trading in recent days are monero (XMR), dash (DASH), and zcash (ZEC), which have all

Tezos Settles Legal Dispute, But It’s Not The End

After a lengthy battle in the California court system, the Tezos Foundation has announced that it has settled a lawsuit outside of court, thus avoiding any legal scrutiny of the Tezos (XTZ) 2017 initial coin offering (ICO). However, while the parties have agreed on the settlement, it’s still up to a federal judge to approve it. In either case, the settlement comes

Money Printers Might Help Bitcoin & Its Derivatives Market – Deribit CCO

Anti-crisis measures taken by governments and central banks around the world might indirectly help bitcoin (BTC) and its derivatives market, according to Luuk Strijers, CCO of major crypto derivatives exchange Deribit. "Printing money and lowering rates by governments might actually turn out to be a driver for more interest in BTC as a hedge against fiat," he

Long-Term Bitcoin Hodlers Buying the Dip

Despite a brutal price crash last week, long-term bitcoin (BTC) “hodlers” are still not scared away, and instead appear to be using the lower prices as a buying opportunity, a new analysis showed. According to the report, prepared by blockchain analysis firm Glassnode and published on Thursday, a metric known as the “Hodler net position change” is currently showing a

Steem Doubled in Price After Justin Sun Controversy

Steem (STEEM), the social media-like blockchain platform launched in 2016, has seen a massive surge over the past two days, after it decided to evade a hostile takeover by Justin Sun and the Tron Foundation by moving the entire platform over to a new blockchain called Hive. The new blockchain is expected to be launched already this Friday, March 20th. Earlier today, STEEM

Bitcoin Rallies as Fiat Currencies Drop Against the U.S. Dollar

After a major market crash last week, bitcoin (BTC), the most popular cryptocurrency, at least today is somewhat showing its power as a hedge against risks inherent in fiat currencies and the broader financial system. Trading up 12% over the past 24 hours as of press time (USD 5,772 at 12:41 PM UTC), bitcoin is one of a few bright spots as the carnage continues in both the

Ethereum and XRP Test Supports

The broader crypto market once again saw some selling on Wednesday, although the pace of the sell-off has certainly slowed and the market appears to be searching for firm support. For major coins like ethereum (ETH) and Ripple’s XRP, that means looking for chart levels from as far back as mid-2017. As of press time on Wednesday (11:08 UTC), ethereum is

Interest in Bitcoin Futures Drops Amid Discussions of Financial Market Closure

Despite record-high volatility in bitcoin (BTC), derivatives traders appear to be pulling money out of the market, while a “rush to cash” becomes the overarching theme for the financial markets. The moves in bitcoin follow major volatility in the traditional financial markets, where some of the largest players are fighting the idea of temporary market closure. Judging

Bitcoin Will Need to Rebuild Confidence, Says Novogratz and Gives an Advice

Mike Novogratz. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, ConsenSysMedia Although the recent crypto market sell-off may have been bad for those who bought at high levels, and may even scare off new potential investors, it certainly isn’t game over for crypto as an asset class, according to Mike Novogratz. He also urged to avoid getting in too early in an asset that is falling. The ex-investment

Fed Fails to Calm Markets; Bitcoin, Gold Slide Alongside Stocks

The number one digital asset, bitcoin (BTC), once again saw heavy selling on Monday, after news came out on Sunday that the U.S. Federal Reserve (Fed) is taking emergency measures to mitigate the financial devastation that is currently going on around the world. As announced by the Fed on Sunday, the U.S. central bank is cutting interest rates to the band between 0 and

Altcoins See Early Optimism After Thursday Massacre, Litecoin Up 10%

Source: iStock/t_kimura Following the massacre in the broader crypto market on Thursday, major altcoins have already started to recoup some of their losses, with some cryptoassets now showing positive returns over the past 24 hours. Despite a sea of red in the crypto market, altcoins such as litecoin (LTC), tezos (XTZ), and stellar (XLM), were among the first to return to green after the

An Interim Post-Mortem: Worst Days, Liquidations, and BitMEX in Spotlight

After falling by a historic 40% before recovering slightly yesterday, bitcoin (BTC) is today recouping some of its heavy losses, posting double-digit gains in the early hours of Friday trading. Today’s rebound comes after the number one digital asset once again saw heavy selling around midnight UTC time, pushing it as low as USD 3,858 on Coinbase before recovering. Other

No, CME Did Not Shut Down Bitcoin Derivatives Market

Following an announcement from CME Group yesterday, some might get confused that the major derivatives market would shut down trading in bitcoin (BTC) futures & options, along with trading in other assets. Fortunately, this is not the case. What CME really said was that their “Chicago trading floor” would close for business as a precaution to prevent the spread

Bitcoin Options Volumes Surged During Recent Price Drop, Then Died Off

The nascent market for bitcoin options contracts saw surging trading volumes as the bitcoin (BTC) spot price dropped heavily last Sunday and Monday. Since then, however, interest has largely died off, with volumes now back to a normal range. The total bitcoin options trading volume on Monday reached USD 198.7 million, the highest number ever recorded, according to data from

Bitcoin Back Above USD 8k, Analysts Say Virus Fears Did Impact Price

Source: iStock/da-kuk While crypto may be an uncorrelated asset class, one analytics firm says that the virus fears had an “undeniable effect” on cryptocurrency prices, following the massive sell-off in both stocks and crypto on Monday. However, on Tuesday, markets turned green as bitcoin (BTC) is back above USD 8,000 again. At pixel time (12:43 PM UTC), it trades at c. USD 8,112 and is up

Dogecoin Outperforms Bitcoin as Broader Market Turns Green

Source: iStock/isa_ozdere Dogecoin (DOGE), the cryptocurrency originally created as a joke in 2013, has been on a roll this year, gaining more than 70% from the beginning of the year until a peak in mid-February. Since then, however, DOGE has sold off along with the rest of the market, despite several short-lived attempts at rallying higher. As of pixel time on Tuesday (11:36 UTC), DOGE, ranked

Silver Lining for Bitcoin Amid Global Market Panic, Altcoins Purge Estimated

As global stock markets saw massive sell-offs overnight, cryptoassets also fell sharply, with both bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH) recording double-digit losses over this past weekend. However, some industry observers claim that crypto’s mainstream moment as a utility may finally be here, but early-stage projects with limited adoption might become ghostowns. As of press

It’s Too Early to Revise USD 20K per Bitcoin Prediction – BitPay CCO

Source: iStock/Bychykhin_Olexandr Following warnings in January that “unforeseen incidents” may occur and potentially affect bitcoin (BTC) price, the Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of major crypto payment processor BitPay, Sonny Singh, now says that the Coronavirus could be such an incident. However, according to him, it’s too early to tell whether it’s time to revise his USD 20,000 per