I Know What you did Last Crypto Winter: 20 Crypto Jokes

Bitcoin went bellow USD 10K. That happened. By the time I typed this, altcoins rallied, then Bitcoin jumped over USD 10K. That happened. In the ever-larger world of regulations-related news, a Chinese court reportedly recognized Bitcoin as having legal value as property; U.S. CFTC is investigating BitMEX; U.S. lawmakers are moving fast to stop major IT companies from issuing cryptocurrencies;

Zebpay: There Are Too Many Crypto Exchanges, M&A Inevitable

All competitors are crypto exchange Zebpay’s prospective partners as the consolidation is bound to happen, Ankur Agarwal, Australia Head for Zebpay, once major Indian exchange, told Cryptonews.com. Furthermore, he finds that decentralized exchanges are a promising future and the right direction for the community to take, though not the best option at the moment. The

2nd Sun-Buffett Lunch Guest Revealed; Investor Offers Talking Points

Warren Buffett. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Bill Gates As Justin Sun, the founder of the Tron blockchain project, announced the second guest to join him for the Warren Buffett charity lunch, an investor suggested some talking points. Back in June, Sun won the highly anticipated lunch with Buffett for USD 4.57 million, which is set for July 25th. Justin Sun can invite up to seven guests

Coinbase Kills Another Product

U.S.-based cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase removed its Bundle product less than a year since its launch. Coinbase Bundle was a basket of cryptocurrencies supported on Coinbase, which users could buy in proportion to their market capitalization in U.S. dollars. The smallest Bundle was USD 25. The five coins included were Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Litecoin, and

Unusual Crypto Adoption: Stay Healthy or Lose Your Ether

You’re out of shape, you say? You want to keep your crypto with you, you say? You need something to keep you motivated to exercise? Have we just found a 3-in-1 solution? Well, not we exactly - entrepreneur Amr Saleh has put together a bunch of parts into a punching bag that serves as a proof-of-concept. The motivation part comes into play when you realize that if you don

It’s Never Been So Difficult to Mine Bitcoin

As bitcoin price jumped by around 60% in May and competition among miners of the most popular cryptocurrency increased, Bitcoin mining difficulty reached its new all-time high today, making it more difficult for miners to win the precious reward of BTC 12.5. Meanwhile, hash rate, or computational power, of the Bitcoin network is also inching closer to its all-time high

G20 Might Create a Registry of Cryptocurrency Exchanges

In an effort to prevent digital money laundering, the Group of Twenty (G20) major advanced and emerging economies are expected to agree on creating a registry of cryptocurrency exchanges, Nikkei reported, citing no one. The report did not provide any further details about the agreement. As reported, at the meeting that will be held at Fukuoka, Japan, on June 8-9th, the gr

Fold Sells 2,500 Lightning Pizzas, Aims to Onboard 500 Retailers

The U.S.-based crypto payments startup Fold, also known for its Lighting Pizza, has signed a deal that will make it possible for users to shop with bitcoin via the lightning network at over 500 retailers at 50 countries around the world “very soon”, Will Reeves, the product lead at Fold, told Cryptonews.com in an interview about their growth plans and results. He did not

How Could US-China Trade War Affect Crypto

When we think about a war of any sort, trade war included, we don’t tend to think about anything remotely positive. Yet, the current US-China trade war, if it spreads into the US bond market, can see China selling-off US Treasuries, which might in turn make certain cryptos soar. This possibility was presented in an article written by Panos Mourdoukoutas, a columnist, Pro

What Doors Would Loosening Egypt’s Crypto Restrictions Open?

Reportedly, Egypt may loosen its restrictions on cryptocurrency with the new banking law draft designed for the Central Bank of Egypt (CBE). If the law is implemented, it would ban creating, trading, and promoting only those cryptocurrencies and crypto platforms that do not obtain the necessary licenses in advance, according to local media reports. "The draft bill

Blockchain Deals: Virtual Car for USD 100K and Digital Dress for 9.5K

Internet is certainly a marvelous shopping centre full of peculiar items to be bought. Luckily for us living in the age of digital assets, we can make some interesting blockchain deals. And while most go unnoticed, there are a few baffling ones. All, however, are shaping the contemporary, digital culture. Here are two curious cases. First up is a blockchain bidder ‘09E2

Announcements of an announcement Disturb EOS, TRX, and BTT Investors

Quite a few speculations have been flying around in the cryptoworld ahead fast-approaching June 1st events during which EOS and Tron (TRX) should be making supposedly major announcements. And while people speculate, the prices fluctuate. The average price of EOS across exchanges is now at around USD 8, rising almost 7% in the past 24 hours (13:46 UTC) and more than 25

Crypto Market Sentiment: Now EOS Stands with BTC in the Positive Zone

This Monday, we see the crypto market sentiment slightly dropping comparing to last Monday’s 5.48, now being at 5.36, but still higher than it was two weeks ago (5.1), according to Omenics (previously, Predicoin), a crypto market sentiment analysis service. Most coins rest within the neutral zone, except for Bitcoin and EOS who are within the positive zone. Ethereum had a

Cryptopia’s Liquidator Rushes to Protect Users Data in Arizona

Grant Thornton, the liquidator of New-Zealand based cryptocurrency exchange Cryptopia, applied for urgent interim relief in an attempt to preserve the data stored and hosted on servers with an Arizona based business that is terminating the contract with the exchange, the liquidator announced. They've also filed a petition in the Bankruptcy Court in the Southern District of Ne

Great Crypto Expectations: 20 Crypto Jokes

It was an eventful week in the cryptoverse, but luckily for all its inhabitants, it was generally positive, as new opportunities arise and people are being optimistic and hopeful for the next bull run.
The week started with the report of a famous journalist interviewing a Bitcoin advocate on a popular, which led the interest for Bitcoin to spike. That was followed with the realization that regula

Crypto Traders Warn Newbies About New & Super Risky Binance Feature

The most recent confirmation that major cryptocurrency exchange Binance will be rolling out its margin trading feature "soon" left the cryptoverse abuzz with warnings that new traders should stay away from this very risky instrument. Binance CEO, Changpeng Zhao, hinted about the new feature by posting a screenshot of their upgraded website today, while later the

Yuan Depreciation Could Fuel an Epic Crypto Bull Market – Arthur Hayes

Similar to 2015, a sharp and sudden yuan depreciation could lead to the beginning of another "epic bull market," according to Arthur Hayes, co-founder & CEO of cryptocurrency trading platform BitMEX. In his recent digest, discussing the U.S. and Chinese economies, especially given the current trade war, Hayes focused on China, stating that “Chinese asset holders

Brave Testing Tipping Tweets in BAT

Source: Twitter, @brave The first decentralized browser based on blockchain technology that lets users earn tokens as they browse, Brave, is testing a new feature for tipping tweets with Brave Rewards. For users of our Nightly desktop version, we're testing a new feature for tipping tweets with Brave Rewards. Tips are sent instantly for those verified via https://t.co/D6FXJJtLwp (tips to unve

Colorado Appoints its First Ever Blockchain Architect

The flag of the state of Colorado. Interesting news come from Colorado, USA, as the state got their own, very first Blockchain Solution Architect. “The Colorado Governor’s Office of Information Technology (OIT) announced the appointment of Thaddeus (Thad) Batt as the state’s first ever Blockchain Solution Architect”, stands in the OIT’s press release from May 14th, 2019

20 y/o Crypto Millionaire Launches Bitcoin Investment App

Erik Finman, the twenty-year-old crypto millionaire and one of the earliest and youngest investors in Bitcoin, is launching a new Bitcoin investment app called CoinBits. This tool uses an investment strategy known as dollar-cost averaging, applying it to Bitcoin investing. The website states that investing in Ethereum and Litecoin will be available soon as well. CoinBi

Will the Real Buterin Please Stand Up – Bot Mimics Ethereum Founder

Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, CIGI, Cryptonews.com. There is a new kind of Vitalik Buterin - Vitalik Boterin. It is a bot powered by machine learning (ML) that imitates Ethereum founder Vitalik Buterin. The AI-powered VitaliBot, which has more than 800 followers on Twitter, is interesting to people for several reason, not the least of which is the accuracy with which it mimics his organic

Check This Bitcoin Pizza Day Chart: BTC Moons by 320,000,000%

For the last nine years since the inception of this crypto holiday, the price of Bitcoin on this very day, May 22, would show a substantial rise from the previous year, save for three instances, in 2012, in 2015 and in 2019 (but the day is not over yet.) This date is celebrated as the day when we all remember how, on this day in 2010, programmer Laszlo Hanyecz paid another

Get Used to Bitcoin: How Many Satoshis for a Twin Pack of Toothpaste?

Source: iStock/Bet_Noire If you want to know how much various goods and services would cost in Bitcoin , right now, there's a new thing just for you. A new conversion browser extension, called Get Used to Bitcoin, is now available for Google Chrome and Firefox that does just that, in real-time, under the slogan: “No calculators. No confusion. No brainer.” A host of Bitcoin Matters Podcast, Shaine

Block.one’s Early Investors Might Receive 6,567% Return

The early investors in blockchain solutions provider Block.one, the company behind the EOS blockchain, might see the return on their initial investment reaching as much as 6,567% in less than three years. A buyback by Block.one would return some money to its shareholders, and the startup’s earliest investors, billionaires Peter Thiel (a co-founder of PayPal), Alan Howard,

Why 5 Months Old GoT and VeganCoin News Swept the Cryptoverse Now

Jerome Flynn as Ser Bronn in Game of Thrones. (A spoiler-free article.) On Tuesday, the cryptoverse was abuzz over the "news" that Game of Thrones, a popular TV series that has recently ended, actor and a lifelong animal rights and environmental advocate, Jerome Flynn, joined a blockchain-based vegan initiative VeganNation. Some crypto media outlets were referring to a press release pr

Cryptoverse is Laughing at ‘Faketoshi’s’ Recent Move, BSV Jumps 70%

Craig Wright. Source: a video screenshot, Youtube, Crypto Finder In what was a baffling move to many cryptofans, Craig Wright, who claims to be Satoshi Nakamoto, creator of Bitcoin, has filed registrations with the U.S. Copyright Office and has been granted U.S. copyright registrations yesterday for the original Bitcoin white paper and Bitcoin code (version 0.1). What this essentially means is th

Kraken Sticks to USD 4 Billion Valuation, Raising USD 10m From Clients

Source: Twitter, @krakenfx San Francisco-based cryptocurrency exchange Kraken, one of the top 50 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume, aims to raise USD 10 million by selling 0.255% stake in the company to their customers, which puts valuation of the company at almost USD 4 billion. At pixel time, the company managed to raise more than USD 7,4 million from 470 investors, while another 29 d

US Dollar Will Self-destruct; Cryptos Might be a Solution – Ron Paul

Ron Paul. In response to a call to ban crypto in the US, former US Congressman, former Presidential candidate, and Bitcoin supporter, Ron Paul stated that such a ban is highly unlikely, but also that US dollar is going to self-destruct. As reported, on May 9th, US Congress Representative Brad Sherman called for a bill which would “outlaw cryptocurrency purchases by Americans so