Russia Sets New Crypto Law Deadline

Source: iStock/ANGHI Russian parliament has finally set a timeline for the second reading of its much-anticipated package of cryptocurrency, crowdfunding and blockchain-related bills. Per Interfax, the State Duma’s financial markets committee chairman Anatoly Aksakov has confirmed that the bills wi

UK Watchdog Probing 18 Crypto Vendors

Source: iStock/AndreyPopov Britain’s financial regulator is investigating 18 companies “involved in the sale of cryptocurrencies” – suspecting the firms of possible market irregularities. The regulatory Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) has refused to comment on the companies it is now investigatin

Abkhazia Bans Cryptocurrency Mining

Source: iStock/shaadjutt The government of the largely unrecognized Republic of Abkhazia has issued an immediate ban on cryptocurrency mining – and says it will hunt down violators. The 8,660 sq km republic with a population of around 240,000 is recognized as an independent state by Russia and othe