Last week in five (episode two, October 24th 2018)

As part of Crypto Insider’s commitment to provide content across all channels in all accessible forms, “Last Week in Five” steps in to provide weekly video coverage of the most popular articles on the website.

The concept is very simple: the five most accessed articles on are briefly summarized in video form, so that the content is easier to consume on the go or during short relaxing breaks.

The beauty of the series is that you are in control of the content: if you decide to read and share a certain article and it reaches the top, then you will have it encapsulated in a more convenient and accessible form too.

Previously, “Last Week in Five” was about compressing every article published in a week in a five-minute presentation. But due to our commitment to excellence and self-imposed elitism, we have decided to only promote the best of the best.

The most accessed article of the last week:

5. Nathan Ashworth’s “Five examples of real-world uses for smart contracts”, which you may read here.

4. Michael Kern’s “Futures volume surges as bullish sentiment grows louder”, which you may read here.

3. Vlad Costea’s “Coinbase unexpectedly adds ZRX”, which you may read here.

2. Benjamin Pirus’ “Why has Ripple been in the news so often lately?”, which you may read here.

1. Benjamin Pirus’ “When the next crypto bull run happens, it’s going to be epic”, which you can read here.

Keep in mind that the ultimate judge who decides what kind of content appears in these weekly videos is you, so make sure that you share the articles you enjoy to help the information spread!

Our writers always aim to produce informative and objective articles, and it’s up to you to popularize their hard work. So if there is anything that you appreciate and find useful, please share it with your friends and crypto-savvy acquaintances.

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