Maxim and Pavel Yakimov Discuss Tkeycoin’s Promising Technicals [Interview]


Bitcoinist recently caught up with Maxim and Pavel Yakimov, the founders of Tkeycoin — a promising cryptocurrency boasting some impressive technicals — to find out what exactly makes their project stand out from the crowd. 

Interview with Maxim and Pavel Yakimov

Tkeycoin’s claim to fame is that its blockchain can handle 50,000 transactions per second. Tell us, how have you achieved this?

To achieve this, we have carried out numerous studies on b2b-networks, different types of consensus as well as we have analyzed shared values of the civil society in general. Having PoS, DPoS, PoW and other algorithms under close analysis, we have concluded that mPoW type fits our needs the best.

We have always wanted to develop a genuinely decentralized and fast system. Thus, we believe that PoS & DPoS algorithms are of not any help for the purpose.  At which point, we have taken already existing algorithms, level out the cons and upgraded the pros to get the perfect blockchain variation ever existed.

Even though the increase of the block size seems to be an obvious solution, we do not use big blocks in Tkeycoin network. Our algorithms work smoothly as a good Swiss watch. Every single detail in our network makes the difference; every single mechanism makes these 50,000 transactions per second just a today’s reality. The solutions we use are based on hundreds of researches and conceptions. Trust us, Tkeycoin network is capable of handling as many operations as needed. It has awesome productivity!

What is the kYprotocol, in layman’s terms?

What is kYprotocol in layman terms? This is a mechanism that processes hundreds of operations and keeps its record in the blockchain system. This is some kind of engine that controls everything in the network, and most of the work processes have a strong dependence on it. In fact, this is what drives Tkeycoin forward and leads it to the top.

What platforms will Tkeycoin be available on, and when can we expect each to be supported?

Tkeycoin will be available on Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, and Web. As for the order, we are going to release Windows, Android and web version in the first wave, the others – in one or two months later. The first wave is planned for December 2018 – January 2019. The preliminary date of MacOS and Linux releases is March-April 2019.

What exchanges will Tkeycoin be listed on come January 2019?

The full list of exchanges will be published on our website slightly later. If considering the situation in general, we continue our negotiations with world’s leading platforms and invite for cooperation everyone who wants to see Tkeycoin on their exchange. As for the specificity, we have an agreement with EXMO and HitBTC, and few more dialogues still going on. We will announce more platforms for Tkeycoin listing when we have more detailed arrangements.

Why is Tkeycoin conducting an ICO?

In fact, we have a few reasons for conducting ICO at this stage. Firstly, we want people to know our product. We want them to distinguish it from hundreds of other projects even before it will be listed on an exchange. Secondly, it is vital for Tkeycoin to have a reliable foundation for future growth and scaling on the International market. We want to attract developers already at this stage to create a strong and productive community. We want people to talk about Tkeycoin every day.

Finally, we want to multiply our efforts right after the end of ICO. We are preparing an ambitious marketing campaign for our project and the cryptomarket in general. We want to change the public opinion on the cryptocurrencies and take it to the brand new level. We are planting the germ to grow and water in the future.

If someone was to say to you that ICOs are dead, how would you respond?

It is quite difficult to have any reactions on such statements since it is the way too much subjective. People have mostly created this opinion themselves with the help of poor-quality projects. We can see numerous second-rate products, scam ICOs; thus the market is being destroyed. Look at IBO – there are dozens of good cases and companies. Everything needs some time.

As for the ICO market, we think the current situation will help the market to be regulated. Thanks to the bubble burst, it will be cleared from scam projects and low-quality technologies. SEC and other organizations of such kind are intended to save the market from being discredited. The market shouldn’t suffer from useless and harmful projects.

What will the funds collected during the ICO be used for?

Basically, we need the funds for the future development of the product and its scaling on the global market. This is a fuel that will allow Tkeycoin move faster, lightning-fast if you please. The market grows that rapidly that it is impossible to develop a high-quality product and promote it to the world market without proper investments and a certain amount of money.

Where do you see the cryptocurrency space, specifically, five years from now?

We are at Tkeycoin believe that cryptocurrencies surely can take its essential place in the global economic system. We can expect some government-level cryptos in the nearest future, i.e., crypto USD or crypto JPY. People will have a chance to pay taxes and different government payments in crypto, and it will be regulated at the highest level. Still, we believe that it is just a small example of the usage of cryptocurrencies among hundreds of others.

Moreover, it is also important to note, that the establishment of the market has not even started yet. The stage that we see know is something preliminary, and people will get used to cryptos only in five or seven years from now. It has been proven by the recent technological history few times. Just remember the microwave or air conditioner stories, and you will understand yourself the future tale of cryptocurrencies and blockchain in general.

What is your favorite part about working on Tkeycoin?

Great question, thank you! We love what we do so much, and these are not just words. We love to communicate with our investors, give them a feedback and consult them about our product.

As for the work processes, we really like involving new prosperous people to the sphere. We educate the newcomers, and our team continues to grow thanks to the purposeful and motivated people. We hear the words of gratitude quite often, and this is something that makes us work even more and harder than before.

As for development itself, we love to create something complex and simple at the same time. We want people who have never heard about crypto to download our apps and use it easily at just in seconds without any problem. It would be just great for us to create a clear and accessible product that will improve the lives of millions for years to come.

What do you think about Tkeycoin? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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