NAGA Group Launches Its Long-Awaited Card

Traders on the NAGA Trader platform definitely have something to smile about after the NAGA Group launched its long-awaited card for use. The latest development is a result of tireless work by its creators, all in the interest of bestowing its users with all the advantages that come with being a NAGA Cardholder.

Advantages of NAGA Card

First and foremost, the NAGA Card account comes with a user-friendly dashboard that makes things really simple for cardholders when they are transferring their funds. Furthermore, through the MY NAGA member area, account management has been made even easier. Similarly, the card is directly linked to the trader’s account to enable them to deposit and withdraw funds. For security purposes, the NAGA Card has advanced security systems in place to secure all transactions carried out online. It also comes with a simple process for verifying all transactions.

Apart from the above benefits, cardholders can pay for services using the card anywhere MasterCard is accepted. Moreover, the card can be used to withdraw money from ATMs anywhere. Cardholders can also access their account balances in three main currencies: British Pounds, Euro, and US Dollars.

Although the cards have been released for use, they are currently only available to NAGA subscribers who are in the SEPA region. The arrival of this card will be a game changer in the financial technology industry. Through its IBAN numbers feature, cardholders can receive and send money in different currencies. In addition, NAGA Card will be linked directly to its holders trading account and will be fully incorporated with all funding channels available on NAGA Trader.

Acquiring the card will only set you back a few dollars, but the charges vary depending on the trading level. Iron traders on the NAGA Trader platform will have to part with a one-time fee of 39.99 Euros to get their hands on NAGA Card. For Bronze and Silver level traders, NAGA will only charge 29.99 and 19.99 Euros respectively. Further on, Gold level traders will pay 9.99 Euros for the card. On the other hand, lucky traders that are at Crystal and Diamond level will not pay any money to get their hands on a NAGA Card.

The seamless integration of the card into the NAGA Ecosystem truly makes the NAGA Universe the best place for traders to send and receive money across the world and to also then spend it wherever they choose.

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