Daily Crypto Roundup 10/30/2018

Today in Crypto is news of Coinbase raising even more funds, an interview with Blockstream’s Allen Piscitello, more Roger Ver drama, Bittrex news, and regulatory insights. Let’s dive into today’s news!

Coinbase Raises $300 Million Following IPO Rumors

News this morning from Coinbase shows them raising $300 million in its first funding round since 2017.

The funds raised will be used “to accelerate adoption, expand their crypto offerings, build new utility applications for the space, and make it easier for institutions to participate”, reported Crypto Insider.

Coinbase President and COO Asiff Hirji states in their blog announcement, that “[w]e see tremendous promise in crypto to build the next great phase of the internet (often referred to as Web 3), which has the power to put control back in the hands of consumers, unleash a new era of innovation, and offer greater access to economic opportunities to more people around the world”.

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Interview: Blockstream’s Allen Piscitello  On Liquid, The Lightning Network, And Bitcoin Core

Crypto Insider had the opportunity to interview Blockstream Director of Product Management Allen Piscitello. Mr. Piscitello works on Bitcoin’s Liquid Network (a scaling solution for Bitcoin).

Mr. Piscitello has significant experience in the crypto space, describing that he’s been involved for almost seven years.

Mr. Piscitello speaks on many topics, but mostly about the Liquid Network for Bitcoin — network risks, criticisms, decentralization, the difference between Lightning Network and Liquid Network, as well as other interesting information.

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More Drama With Roger Ver/Jimmy Song $1 Million Bet

Today saw notable Bitcoin maximalists Jimmy Song and Tone Vays talking on YouTube about an ongoing bet between Song and Roger Ver.

According to a previous Crypto Insider report, Ver bet Song back in September, that Bitcoin Cash would overtake Bitcoin in price within ten years time. The bet was for $1 million dollars. (Bitcoin Cash is currently around $415, and Bitcoin around $6,265 according to Blockmodo live data.)

Song has since had an ongoing discussion with Ver, trying to come to official terms for the bet. It seems as though the two parties still cannot fully agree to a deal at this point in time.

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Bittrex Launches Malta-based ‘International’  Trading Platform, Minus U.S. Customers

A Bittrex blog post yesterday showed the platform’s intention to launch an international exchange which will see new tokens approved more quickly for listing.

The Bittrex blog post headlines that “Bittrex International will Combine Streamlined Token Approval Process with Bittrex’s Cutting-Edge Trading Technology for International Customers”. 

Bill Shihara, CEO for Bittrex, stated they “are committed to being a driving force in the blockchain revolution by increasing adoption of this innovative technology around the world”, according to their blog post.

However, CoinTelegraph reports that customers based in the U.S. will be barred from using these new international markets, but can still use the current Bittrex exchange.

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Former Fed Chair Janet Yellen Is ‘Not A Fan’ Of Bitcoin

Janet Yellen spoke her mind on concerns about Bitcoin, during the Canadian Fintech Forum yesterday. She also stated worries about “the idea of central bank-issued cryptocurrencies specifically”, reported CoinDesk.

CoinDesk goes on to show Yellen stating -“I know there are hundreds of cryptocurrencies and maybe something is coming down the line that is more appealing but I think first of all, very few transactions are actually handled by bitcoin, and many of those do take place on bitcoin are illegal, illicit transactions”.

Yellen was previously a chairman for the U.S. Federal Reserve, holding the position for the past 4 years.

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