More Drama With Roger Ver/Jimmy Song $1 Million Bet

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Notable Bitcoin maximalist Jimmy Song went live with Tone Vays on YouTube today discussing further drama about a bet made last month.

The bet saw Roger Ver (a head figure for Bitcoin Cash) betting Jimmy Song on the future prices of Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash. Ver challenged that the price of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) would be higher than the price of Bitcoin (BTC) in ten years.


Today, Tone Vays and Jimmy Song discussed recent developments of the bet via YouTube. Jimmy describes that Roger Ver continues to change the terms of the bet, and the two have not been able to officially come to an agreement.

The most recent action on the side of Ver, includes his stipulation that “the million dollars has to a charity of the winner’s choice”, explained Song in the YouTube video.

Song went on in the video to say that those terms would not work for him. According to Song’s blog post chronicling the bet, Song discloses his acceptable terms, which are:

  1. “$1M has to be transferred to the winner within 14 days of the conclusion of the bet (whether with early termination or at the 10-year mark) in the currency of the winner’s choice.
  2. Winner donates a minimum of 25% of the proceeds to charities as the winner sees fit.”

Song’s reasons for adjusting the amount donated to charity? “I think that’s a lot fairer. That doesn’t allow for shenanigans. I don’t want him to get a tax deduction off of this bet”, as stated by Song in the mentioned YouTube video today.

The Original Bet

The origin of the bet between Ver and Song dates back to the Coinsbank Blockchain Cruise, in September of this year. Song and Ver faced off in a debate about Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash.

According to a report last month from Crypto Insider, Ver rebutted one of Song’s arguments by stating “I’ll bet a million dollars, equivalent to whatever cryptocurrency you want, that within ten years, Bitcoin Cash will have a larger market cap than the BTC version of Bitcoin today”.

Bets All Over The Place

In the same month, Roger Ver also made a bet with Litecoin founder Charlie Lee on September 9. According to an article by Crypto Insider, the terms of that bet were as follows:

  • “Will run for 18 months from September 9th, 2018
  • Ends Monday, March 9, 2020
  • If Lightning Network has more than 1000 merchants, Charlie Lee wins!
  • If Lightning Network has less than 1000 merchants – Roger Ver wins!
  • Loser wears the opponent’s company clothing and makes a video saying they were wrong.”

Some speculate that Ver already lost this bet with Lee. In a Steemit post earlier this month, author “bengiles” references a link from CoinGate’s blog.


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Notice the date of the CoinGate announcement — which is before the Ver/Lee bet even occurred.

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