Use Consensus to the Fullest: A Quick Guide on Strengthened Networking

There were times when some crypto conferences had a reputation of being the most anticipated events in the industry. Today the industry seems to have got tired of conferences because of the vast presence of those who only pave the way for attracting investments to their doubtful projects. The most influential people in blockchain space opt for small dedicated side-events, which commonly are private. Then how to choose an appropriate side-event? Let’s try to find out the answer.

Attending side-events today looks like the only way to find valuable connections without the extra buzz. We see that one should support conferences, but personal profit is more likely spotted at after-parties. However, there are different after-events, and one should have a clear understanding of what each one implies.

  1. Main event duplicates

These events have the same traits of a typical conference: speakers deck, pitch sessions, and meeting rooms. The difference is the guest list: it contains a small number of people, more often the format is invite-only. It suits those who accept the format but looks for tighter networking.  

  1. Side-events for meetings

     This kind consists of appointed meetings for, as usual, non-crypto financiers. In this case, the main event serves as a purpose to find someone at the same time, at the same place to make a deal. It suits those who don’t need to visit the conference but expect to meet someone who goes there.

  1. Informal events

     These are remarkably rare but increasingly popular phenomenon. These events are private for very exclusive guests with the corresponding matchmaking. There one will face easy atmosphere where people can strengthen their networking for all the guests are carefully selected. It suits those who seek a balance between informality and making business.

  1. Drink-only parties

    People come here only for having fun and rest with those who can later become a partner or an investor. Usually, these events don’t differ from an ordinary spree but imply drinking with the other guys from crypto. It suits for…well, it’s up to you to decide.

The most up-and-coming ones from the list are informal events. There are few examples of them, but they all seem to go the ingenious way. Byzantium agency is one of the organizers of such events, holding a series of after-parties called Fireflies events. The first one has successfully passed through this September in Singapore having collected positive feedback for the guestlist and format. The next one is set on November 27 in New York City alongside Consensus: Invest. This Fireflies event expect to gather people in the speakeasy-like private residence near the Consensus venue.

Though side-events are very popular, one shouldn’t omit attending conferences since they can be great representatives of the blockchain industry for the outer world. After-parties are ideal places for doing person-oriented business in the industry. Choose a side-event responsibly!

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