Daily Crypto Roundup 11/23/2018

Ripple and IMF collaborating, another Coinbase employee departure, Bitcoin Lightning Network blog use, Bitcoin’s monetary policy discussion, and Sonny Singh’s (BitPay) bullish Bitcoin price prediction for next year. Catch up on today’s headlines.

What Are Ripple And The IMF Cooking?

Ripple and IMF are currently collaborating openly, as the two companies recently spoke on stage together at the 2018 Singapore Fintech Festival on November 12th.

On November 13th, IMF announced it’s interest in digital assets. According to a report from Crypto Insider, IMF managing director Christine Lagarde stated -“I believe we should consider the possibility to issue digital currency. There may be a role for the state to supply money to the digital economy”.

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Coinbase’s Chief Policy Officer Is Leaving For A Major VC Firm

News comes in of another Coinbase staff member departing the operation. Coinbase recently saw two other prominent members of the team leave, one of them being head of trading Hunter Merghart.

Wednesday brought news of Mike Lempres departure from Coinbase. Lempres was Coinbase’s chief policy officer. He reportedly left for a position at Andreessen Horowitz VC firm.

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Lightning-Powered Blog Sees 20,000 Bitcoin Micropayments In 7 Months

Bitcoin scaling has been a hot topic this year with Bitcoin’s Lightning Network continuing to develop. Alex Bosworth, one of Lightning Labs’ developers, built the Yalls blog about a year ago, aiming to dive into the world of micropayments for cryptocurrencies.

Blog readers pay a fee of one penny per article. Commentors pay half a penny for each remark they leave. Leaving an emoji reaction costs ten cents. It is however free to publish articles.

CoinDesk reports – “[f]rom April through early November, Bosworth said, blog participants have processed nearly 20,000 invoices with the Lightning Network“.

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Op-ed: Why Bitcoin’s Unwavering Monetary Policy Is Its Most Important Feature

Bitcoin has many aspects that make it appealing to people. Cencorship-resistance and limited 21 million coin supply are just two of Bitcoin’s attractive aspects.

But arguably one of the most important is its ability to resist monetary policy alterations. Bitcoin’s “monetary policy is trusted as ‘set in stone’ because of the extreme difficulties associated with making changes to the rules of the system”, explained Crypto Insider.

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BitPay COO Sonny Singh: Bitcoin Could Hit $15-20k By The End Of 2019

People have obviously changed their Bitcoin projections to more conservative speculations, in light of this years bear market. Nonetheless, the speculations continue to roll in.

Sonny Singh, COO for BitPay, estimates Bitcoin to reach prices of $15k – $20k by next years end. Singh bases his speculation partly on the coming mainstream crypto activity of Fidelity and the Intercontinental Exchange.

(BitPay works in facilitating cryptocurrency payments around the world.)

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