Daily Crypto Roundup 11/27/2018

Bakkt isn’t concerned with Bitcoin’s price, Tether resumes activity on their platform, NASDAQ Bitcoin futures trading plans emerge, Bitcoin is arguably the best performing asset class, and SEC makes more comments. Catch up on today’s news!

ICE Founder: We’re Kind Of Agnostic On Bitcoin’s Price

The streets have been buzzing lately with the recent news of the Intercontinental Exchange (ICE) delaying the launch of its Bakkt crypto platform until January of 2019.

It would be logical to conclude this delay has something to do with Bitcoin’s price downfall lately. However, ICE founder, CEO, and chairman Jeffrey Sprecher recently stated in relation to Bitcoin and the entire crypto market’s price action: “[w]e’re kind of agnostic on price”.

Bakkt CEO Kelly Loeffler explains the delay was partially caused by an influx of customer interest after the Bakkt announcement in August.

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Tether Says Customers Can Once Again Deposit And Redeem Fiat

Tether has also seen its fair share of headlines this year, and even recently.

Tether announced the resuming of activities today, reopening activities for additional customers. This includes trading USDT for fiat currency via Tether.to

However, “Tether said that withdrawals and deposits would be subject to minimums of $100,000 and 100,000 USDT, respectively” reported CoinDesk.

USDT redemption on Tether’s site has been halted since the November hack last year.

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Nasdaq Plans To Pursue Bitcoin Futures Despite Plunging Prices, Sources Say

Bloomberg reported today of two sources claiming Nasdaq still intends to host Bitcoin futures trading.

Bloomberg reports the sources explaining why things have taken this long. “Nasdaq has been working to satisfy the concerns of the U.S.’s main swaps regulator, the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, before launching the contracts, the people said”.

Nasdaq looked at Bitcoin futures trading in 2017, and supposedly plans to launch trading in Q1, 2019.

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Bitcoin Is World’s Best Performing Asset Class Over Past 10 Years, Says Pompliano

Reputable crypto guru Anthony Pompliano, over at Morgan Creek Digital, recently gave a $3k Bitcoin price projection.

Pompliano talks about Bitcoin’s strengths, stating – “[f]irst, [Bitcoin] is the most secure transaction settlement layer in the world, so it’s got to be worth something […] it’s the best performing asset class over the past ten years – it’s outperformed S&P, DOW, NASDAQ, etc. during the longest bull run. It experienced two 85 percent drops during that time, but [it’s] still up over 400 percent in the last two years”, as reported by CoinTelegraph.

Pompliano also details several other topics, including retail investment and mining.

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US SEC Chairman Clayton Keeps Quiet On ICO, EFT Regulation Updates

This year has seen significant regulatory intervention in the crypto space. CoinTelegraph reports on CNBC’s interview, which includes new remarks from the SEC’s Jay Clayton regarding ICOs.

In the CNBC interview, Clayton explains – “if people are going to raise money using Initial Coin Offerings, they either have to do so in a private placement, or they have to register with the SEC”.

Clayton also states that no ICOs have registered with the SEC.

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