OneGram wins two awards in seven days!

Within the last 7 days, OneGram and its founder have received two awards from two separate 3rd party groups. It is unusual to have so many awards given to a single group in such a short period of time.

Islamic Retail Banking Awards Fintech Leader of the Year 2018

On November 21st, 2018 The Islamic Retail Banking Awards (IRBA) bestowed the founder of OneGram, Ibrahim Mohammad with the Fintech Leader of the Year 2018 award for his involvement in the outstanding achievements that OneGram has made this year.

The World Islamic Finance, Peoples Choice Award

On November 26th, 2018 The World Islamic Finance Peoples Choice Award was bestowed to OneGram.

OGC FAMILY I AM SO PROUD OF YOU ALL. I just had the stats shared with me for the award we just won. The World Islamic Finance Award, Peoples Choice had 102 nominees and from all the votes that were collected for 102 nominees, 25% of the vote went to OneGram.
– Ibrahim Mohammad, CEO OneGram.

This is great news for believers in the OneGram company and further supports their validity and public interest. For the year of 2018, OneGram has seen nothing but positive news from awards to successful product launches.

OneGram Coin (OGC) is currently being traded at the Huulk Exchange and has plans to be listed on TradeSatoshi very soon.

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