Beginner’s Guide to Daneel: Your Personal AI Assistant for Cryptocurrency

Daneel is a French startup that just launched its very first artificial intelligence. Daneel has the goal of helping investors and newcomers to cryptocurrency with advanced market analysis. Daneel’s Smart Assistant, the AI that serves as a personal assistant, is available for both Android and iOS. At the time of writing, 1,000 traders are already using the system despite a very recent launch, and it supports 2,150 assets.


The team members were inspired by their own experience as cryptocurrency investors and the knowledge of what resources would have helped them with past investments. The team wanted to take care of a real market problem, which is the overload of information, including unreliable information. This led to the idea of creating an intelligent assistant that could gather, filter, and analyze information, then present it clearly.

Daneel’s Partnership with IBM

Since Daneel’s Smart Assistant relies on the use of artificial intelligence, the company chose to enter a partnership with IBM to use that tech giant’s Watson. This made much more sense than starting to create an AI system from scratch, especially since Watson is among the most powerful AIs available. With the help of Watson, Daneel can manage news optimally to bring subjective information out in a text.

What Information Can Daneel Provide?

With Daneel, investors of all skill levels get access to the most relevant crypto market data. This includes a curated newsfeed that filters based on user needs and avoids rumors and fake news. The Smart Assistant can also analyze millions of pieces of data from various crypto websites, forums, and social media pages to determine the market sentiment.

What Are Some Functions of Daneel?

Daneel offers cryptocurrency-related information in a range of categories, each of which serves a different function. In terms of news curation, Daneel’s Smart Assistant can curate both global news and news specific to each currency. It can also analyze market sentiment, both globally and for each currency.


There are market insights, including price predictions and current trends. The Smart Assistant also offers market data, including the prices, volumes, and other basic information for cryptocurrencies. Other market data includes the best rates on the exchanges, the biggest gains and losses, events, and ratings.

The Smart Assistant offers more education in several ways. Users can ask Daneel a question right in the chat box within the application. Or they can take part in the daily learning program.

Personalized Newsfeed

One of the big advantages of using Daneel is the ability of users to personalize the newsfeed. Daneel’s algorithms mean that users only receive relevant market information to save time. All articles on the newsfeed are analyzed then rated with reliability and sentiment scores to help you. Daneel also hides repetitive information as well as fake news to help your news feed remain relevant and efficient. There are also further customization options, such as the ability to see news just related to a certain cryptocurrency.

What Type of Analysis Does Daneel Provide?

Daneel delivers powerful analysis and insights. For example, it analyzes trends on various social media platforms to let traders know which technology or currency is the most quoted.

The application also includes a market sentiment score based on analysis from social media, crypto-related websites, and forums. This score can give users an idea of how the market feels about a particular cryptocurrency or the global market. That gives traders confidence when investing.

Where Does Daneel Get Data from?

To ensure that the provided information is useful, the artificial intelligence machine learning models and algorithms collect data from more than 500 sources. Each day, Daneel collects 2 million unique points of data. This is a crucial function since it is impossible for a human to process all the data points that are produced each day, between things like Tweets, other social network interactions, forum discussions, and articles.


The team specifically designed Daneel to interface successfully with various existing platforms. This should make Daneel even more useful for users around the world and allow the Smart Assistant to have an impact on the macro level.

Who Can Benefit from Daneel?

Daneel is designed to aid any type of cryptocurrency trader, from beginners to experts, regardless of investment size. The platform will also help key stakeholders who work as professional traders or for banks or exchanges.

What Other Tools Does Daneel Offer Businesses?

It is possible to integrate the Daneel API into your platform, so users of your platform can take advantage of the relevant data. There is also a Daneel widget that is simple to integrate as an all-in-one solution.

Daneel Road Map

During Q4 of 2018, Daneel just completed the launch of its beta application for Android and iOS and finally the public release on December 1st.

Q1 of 2019 will focus on Full Insights and analysis : sentiment score risk score, details about projects, ICOs, exchanges, full access to news and social medias content. Subscription plans and payment.

Q2 will focus on the professional web application and portfolio monitoring for the mobile application, including a new portfolio view.

In Q3, Daneel will add the ability to create price alerts, calculate trading indicators, and detect irregular movements in volume and price via the API. The company will also add language translation possibilities.

Q4 of 2019 will focus on improving the user experience across the platforms. This includes the creation of a hybrid AI that will combine the existing knowledge base with more social contributions. The team will also add speech-to-text capabilities to the mobile application. In addition, Daneel will add the ability to vote on content based on timeliness, relevance, and reliability.


Daneel is an artificial intelligence application that helps cryptocurrency investors. The application can provide information on a wealth of factors, from market data to market news to overall sentiment. The use of artificial intelligence should make investing in cryptocurrency more efficient for traders and provide the information they need.

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