GOLDMAN SACHS: INSTAGRAM STORIES: Goldman Pushes Blockchain Virtues Via Social Media Spend (pics)

If you are doubting Goldman Sachs’ push into the blockchain/crypto space you are whistling past the graveyard. Goldman intends to lead amongst the UHNW (ultra high net worth) crowd and is using all manner of means to reach them.

If you thought that Goldman would remain a stuffy, white shoe firm for the next couple decades you are wrong. Goldman is touting blockchain and its capabilities on Instagram and other social media platforms. Specific to Instagram, the message connected Blockchain to concert ticket sales. Oh, how millennial of them.

Here is the screenshot:

If Goldman believes in the ‘enormous potential’ of blockchain they clearly have designs on offering the monetization tools of blockchain to clients big and not so big. In other words, Bitcoin and Ethereum for starters.

A reminder about Goldman’s current flirtation of adding Ethereum to their Bitcoin availability to clients:

“Goldman has been actively exploring the creation of a client offering that is based on Ethereum futures, not all that different from the Bitcoin products that they are offering clients at the moment. This would represent the penultimate global investment bank staying significantly ahead of its competitors in the race to gather client crypto assets.”

Goldman prides itself on not only staying ahead of the global investment banking pack but leading it as well. The push into social media, blockchain dialogue and the inclusion of discussions around Ethereum keep them solidly ahead of their competitors; JP Morgan, Morgan Stanley, Bank Of America Merrill Lynch, etc.

And that is just how Goldman likes it.

They’ve remained strategically placed in the crypto conversation over the past 12 months or so. Nobody at the firm has come out and made inflammatory or derogatory remarks about crypto, and some would claim they even promoted a crypto friendly executive to CEO, David Solomon (who also happens to moonlight as a DJ).

The overall message here is that Goldman Sachs is going to lead the global investment banking space into digital assets and blockchain. That is clearly their intentions. They’ve seen the surveys, they’ve done the math. The next huge wave of UHNW individuals is about to inherit a boatload of money from their parents. And they are comfortable with crypto.

Goldman Sachs intends to meet them right where they are.


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