Bitcoin BTC/USD Analysis: Tops $6400 Key Resistance

Bitcoin’s price came to the projected ascending resistance level at around $6400 today and has recently moved above it.

  • A breakout from the ascending channel but the breakout is still unconfirmed.
  • The price came up to the projected level but another minor increase could occur.
  • This could have marked the end of the expected 5th wave and the end of the WXY correction.

Bitcoin Price BTC

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Bitcoin Analysis BTC/USD

On yesterday’s open the price of Bitcoin was $6140 we have seen an increase to $6300 area but a decrease afterward to $6180 level. From there the price started increasing again and has come up to $6300 around today’s open and continued increasing until it reached $6438 which is the highest point today.

Looking at the 15-min chart, we can see that the price of Bitcoin came up to the projected level but has managed to go slightly above it. As the price has encountered resistance, indicated by the formed cluster, we have seen a minor retracement staring to develop. The price currently in a descending movement but the further increase could be expected as the C wave of the presumed ABC correction is to develop.

The C wave could have ended as I see a five-wave move but its degree is still unclear as it could be the 3rd wave from the higher degree. The price has entered the seller’s territory above $6256 which was pointed out as a likely scenario in my previous posts and considering that we are seeing the last stages of the five-wave impulse from the Minor count I believe that the sell-off will start very soon.

This would be the end of the WXY correction from 15th of December which developed as a retest of the significant horizontal support around $6250 which got broken on 14th of November last year when the price of Bitcoin came down from $6500 to $3226 in two goes.

In the first go the price dropped from $6477 to $3694 in 14 days which was a 42.96% decrease and after recovering to $4448, continued decreasing for another 27.65% to $3226.

Considering that now the price took 147 days to recover back to the broken support level I am certain that we are seeing a corrective move which is why I believe that now as we are seeing the completion of the Y wave from the WXY correction further trend continuation to the downside.

This will be verified by the price behavior at certain key support points when the price starts going to the downside but for now, in, either way, I would be expecting the start of a downtrend.

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